Wind Empowerment

Wind Empowerment is a global association of 37 member organizations. The membership consists of universities (e.g. BarcelonaTech/UPC), research institutions (The Wuppertal Institute), NGOs – Non-Governmental Organisations (e.g. COMET-ME), social enterprises (e.g. WindAid), co-operatives (e.g. V3 Power) and more, as well as over 1,000 individual participants. WindEmpowerment aims to support the development of locally manufactured small wind turbines for sustainable rural electrification by strengthening the capacity of its members through collaboration and knowledge exchange.

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Wind Empowerment member organisations

Wind Empowerment was founded on the basis that solutions have already been found to many of the problems faced by its members. What has been missing is the connection between the people who have the solution and others who are facing the same problem. Thus, WindEmpowerment bridges the geographical gap between its members by providing a global platform for knowledge sharing, with the overall aim of empowering more people across the globe to be able to harness the power in the wind and provide access to electricity to those that really need it.

A Wind Empowerment small wind turbine construction course in Ethiopia

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