Comet H2O projects

Noam Dotam: Comet H2O projects

Water pumping and filtration has always been a challenge for rural off grid communities. Due to climate change in many of the underdeveloped countries, the lack of rain water drives more and more attempts to use underground water and the need for pumping shallow underground water for irrigation and drinking increases. We at Comet-Me had worked over the last two years on different development projects in the field of water pumping and filtration for off grid communities in south mount Hebron area and other parts of the world. In the following presentation we shall describe our development project in the field. The focus of this presentation will be wind pumping. Though this development project is not completed yet, we would like to share with you our thoughts and describe the work we had done so far. We look forward for collaboration in this interesting project.

The main topic of the presentation will include:

  • The challenge of wind pumping in rural marginalized communities-required specifications
  • Short survey of wind pumping technologies
  • Comet-Me prototypes HAWT and VAWT for pumping
  • The pump
  • Future thoughts and considerations

Watch the recording of this session on


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