Industrialization of a 700W Hugh Piggott Turbine

Esteban van Dam: Industrialization of a 700W Hugh Piggott Turbine

With Eolocal, we have industrialized several processes of the manufacturing of the 700W wind turbine, which include the manufacturing of the coils, the stator cast, the blades design, the tower, the electric board, the metal frame and the assembling. These processes will be presented, with a detail of how they were achieved and how this helped reducing costs to obtain a product that has the reliability of the original design, but with a quicker manufacturing process. The final cost of the product is very competitive in the south american market. It is also compatible with the activities led by 500RPM, where trainings are given to rural schools and communities to build their own wind turbine design. In some cases, these communities prefer to buy some parts and build others, and they have this possiblity. In other cases, these communities are trained on how to build and maintain a wind turbine, and they can become installers of Eolocal’s wind turbines in their region.

Eolocal’s main strategy is to sell wind turbines but with the possiblity of a local instalation (either by the end user or by a local installer). For this, a very complete installation manual has been developed, which will also be presented. We believe that this type of commercial initiative is very compatible with the social approach of bringing the technology and making it local, and could be a model to bring funds to WindEmpowerment in the future.

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