Hugh Piggott’s presentation as it happens

Hello everyone,

Hugh is making a great presentation about his experience in building wind turbines. Everyone is really into it!

IMG_1423 IMG_1425



Last minute repairs in Marathonas

Last weekend we went to in Marathonas to put up one of the two wind turbines that we will be going to see on Friday. Two of the coils had managed to short themselves out, so Kostas put on his scrubs and did some keyhole surgery to put it right.

Unfortunately we got soaked in torrential rain putting the turbine back up and to make things even worse, when we flipped the brake switch, nothing happened. You win some, you lose some.

One week to go!

With just a week to go until WEAthens2014 kicks off, preparations are well and truly underway here in Athens:

The video above shows the rotor of a 1.2m Piggott turbine mounted onto a variable speed drive to control rpm. A torque meter is mounted in line with the rotor to measure mechanical power via rpm and torque. On Thursday morning, NTUA students will take you through the experimental procedure used to measure the Cp-TSR curves that characterise a wind turbine rotor’s performance.

The working section of the wind tunnel is so big, you could park your car in there!

ATTENTION !!! Presentation and Poster Deadline!

Hello everyone,

So far we’ve had a great time reading all the amazing abstracts that you have sent us in the past few weeks. We are all looking forward for a great time in Athens and some great exchanges during the presentations and poster session. In order to make both of these a great success, we would like to remind you that :

Presentations and Posters have to be sent either to WEAthens2014 or to your working group coordinators by midnight Greek time on Monday 27th October.

An important note:

Posters will be printed at the NTUA and paid for by Wind Empowerment. Unfortunately, if you miss the deadline we won’t be able to print your poster and you’ll have to print and bring your posters yourself.

Keep up the great work

The WeAthens2014 Team