Nea Guinea Workshop Space

We are pleased to be able to offer all those who have registered for the free accomodation, a space in the Nea Guinea Workshop Space during WEAthens2014.

Please be aware that this is not a luxury hotel, it is a workshop! You must remember to bring a sleeping bag with you (or enjoy being cold at night) and there is just one bathroom that will be shared between approximately 20 people. There are four real matresses, which are available on a first come first serve basis and the rest will be on camping mats on the floor. If you have your own camping mat, it would be worth bringing it as well to put on top for extra comfort.

Nea Guinea workshop space is on the ground floor.

To get here from the airport, you can:

  • Take a taxi (est. €20-30), ask to go to: Mesologgiou 59, Vironas / Μεσολογγίου 59, Βύρωνας
  • Take the metro to: Evangelismos / ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΣΜΟΣ. From here, its a 25 minute walk, bus (54, 203, 204, 732), trolley bus (11) or taxi. All of these options are shown on the map below:



To get from the workshop to the NTUA is possible by public transport, but takes around 40 mins. In taxi, it should take around 15 mins and cost €5-7.


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