Working Groups

WEAthens2014 participants have been grouped into five different themes. The participants of each working group will all be active contributors and decision makers, with the main goal of each group to develop a shared goal and a roadmap of short, medium and long term actions to achieve this.

During both Monday and Tuesday, all participants will present their work to the whole conference, with a discussion space provided at the end of each group. The groups will first sit down together on Tuesday afternoon, where they will discuss the interests of the group and develop a shared vision. On Wednesday afternoon, a poster session will take place in Rafina to offer an additional space for working group participants to share their work.

The groups will meet again on Thursday afternoon to determine the actions that will allow them to achieve their shared vision and develop a road map for the next two years. On Friday morning, all the groups will present their vision and roadmap to.

It is hoped that providing such space for open discussion will result in a better understanding of the needs of Southern partners and of the skills/resources available to the Northern partners. This has the potential to produce concrete outputs, such as new partnerships for joint research projects, the development of specific training programs to share important skills and collaborative funding proposals.

WG 1 – Measurements

WG 2 – Market Assessment & Delivery Models

WG 3 – Education

WG 4 – Technology

WG 5 – Maintenance


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