WG 1 – Measurements

This session brings together experts in electronic system design, with a focus on the measurement of the wind resource and power generation. The wind is one of the most variable renewable resources and therefore quantifying the available resource at any particular location is of vital importance. Maintenance is also a major barrier preventing the widespread dissemination of small wind turbines for the electrification of remote areas, as the long distances out to the installation sites make frequent trips unviable. As a result, having a record of the performance of a particular machine since the last maintenance visit can be invaluable when troubleshooting.
  • Rafael Oliva, Experiences and measurement systems for small wind power and hybrid systems in South Patagonia (abstract)
  • Luis Valdés, Activities of the latin american center for open technologies (abstract)
  • Marko Bosman, Power curve measurements on different DIY turbines (abstract)
  • Tom Dixon, Open source, Arduino based wind system SD card data loggers (abstract)
  • Matt Little, Resource Monitoring: Open-source low-cost data logging system for renewable energy (abstract)
  • Gilles Longuet,Performance measurements andremote monitoring, power measurements with the Arduno and Open Energy monitor (abstract)

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