WG 3 – Education



Education has always been a core aspect of Hugh Piggott’s design: training a person, an institution or a community in building a wind turbine provides ownership and skills that are required for the long-term maintenance and sustainability of a wind turbine.

This type of training is a real empowerment in the use of wind energy systems, and different approaches and experiences have been carried out in many of the countries where the members of WindEmpowerment work.

The education aspect of WindEmpowerment does not involve only training about how to build a wind turbine, but also guides and manuals, courses on wind energy in schools, and research and development in universities.

The aim of this Working Group is to find better ways to share knowledge, develop skills, and master the competences needed to teach others to build small wind turbines and work to develop and improve small wind systems.



  • Luciana Proietti, The key role of technical schools and universities in rural electrification in Argentina (abstract)
  • Jay Hudnall and Jack Howe, Developing small wind through education (abstract)
  • Benoit Lime, Small wind education, using the Piggott turbine for High School education (abstract)
  • Panos Kotsampopoulos, Collaborative research and development projects in the university environment (abstract)


  • Tom Wastling, Designing and building a small wind turbine for the International Small Wind Turbine Design Competition (abstract)
  • Jonathan Schreiber,Training activities led by Pureselfmade in Austria (abstract)


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