WG 4 – Technology



Description: The technology working group deals with all the different technological innovations related to small wind turbines and its subsidiary systems. This year, the participants have been clustered in four big themes: Industrialization and Mass manufacturing, Mathematical modelling, New technologies and projects review, Water Projects. The presentations and posters have been split out so to gather participants of similar themes together.


  • Esteban Van DamIndustrialization of a 700W Hugh Piggott turbine (abstract)
  • Jorge AyarzaConcept prototype design of modified Piggott turbine to use bamboo blades and operate downwind (abstract)
  • Noam Dotam, Comet H20 projects (abstract)
  • Piet Willem ChevalierThe tech R&D projects that have been setup under ILWP (abstract)
  • Luiz Fernando Lavado Villa, Open source power electronics project (abstract)
  • Katerina TroulakiDesign and optimization of an AFPM generator for battery connected wind electric systems using Ferrite and Neodymium magnetic materials (abstract)
  • Kostas Latoufis, Assessment of locally manufactured small wind turbines in the NTUA labs and current research and development on open source renewable energy technologies (abstract)
  • Thanos KanatsoulisDFMA (Design for Manufacturing – Design for Assembly) for mass production of small wind turbine (abstract)


  • Jorge AyarzaLow cost Test bench construction for testing turbines up to 3kw (abstract)
  • Achilleas TsitsimelisDesign and optimization of AFPM generators with the use of evolutionary algorithms for grid-tied small wind turbines (abstract)
  • Thanos KanatsoulisFEA (Finite Element Analysis) for wind turbine blades and tower (abstract)
  • Clement Joulain, Low budget turbines: a 5 blade, 1 m diameter design for 70 W (abstract)
  • Jorge AyarzaWind electric water pumping project for south India (abstract)
  • Nasos Vassilakis, Small community Test site in Rafina: Meltemi (abstract)


Moderator: Kostas Latoufis (RurERG / Nea Guinea, Greece) and Luiz Fernando Lavado Villa

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