Low budget turbines: a 5 blade, 1 m diameter design for 70 W

Clément Joulain has developp a tny small wind turbine during his stay in Sénégal. The idea was to do a turbine at very low cost, with a lots of second hand material and wich can be used only for lightening and mobile charging. This micro turbine is appropriated to power a boat, a shelter, a RV or an household in a developing country

The turbine is called « the 1 meter ». It’s a 5 blade turbine for low wind start, 1m meter rotor diameter (0,7 cm blade), no furling the regulation is made « by the gust ». It’s design for 12 V system and can reach 70 W. The low cost wind controller is also homebuild.

It has been tested in Sénégal.

A document as been made to decribe how to build all the part is available on this link.


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