WG 5 – Maintenance



Description: Small wind turbines are mechanical machines that are, by design, placed on top of tall towers and exposed to the full force of the weather. It is therefore no surprise that they require significant amounts of maintenance. However, many other technologies that require similar amounts of maintenance are in everyday use in society today, such as the car and the bicycle. This session brings together experienced practicioners from around the world who have seen the challenges faced in the field and want to share not just the problems, but also the solutions they have come up with.


  • Pedro Neves (Blue Energy, Nicaragua/Germany/Portugal) – Challenges of maintaining small wind turbines on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua (abstract)
  • Emmanuel Muzaber (EWB Patagonia, Argentina) – Reconstructing wind power systems in Cerro Gorro Frigio (abstract)
  • Gael Cesa (Tripalium,France) – The french maintenace manuel and experiences with user maintenance (abstract)
  • Kimon Silwal (KAPEG, Nepal) – Natural Materials and Coatings for Low Cost Wind Turbines for Developing Countries: Summary of Studies (abstract)



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