Software Tutorials

Launch of the new Wind Empowerment web site

Facilitator: Jon Sumanik-Leary, The University of Sheffield, UK

Agenda: Thursday 6th of November (morning)


Description: The Wind Empowerment web site has recently been rennovated with the aim of making it easier to use and easier to contribute. The site is essentially a multi-author blog, built on the popular WordPress platform, which allows you as a member of Wind Empowerment to contribute content. In this session, the new features on the revamped site will be introduced and you will be taken through the process of uploading content onto the new site via the WordPress interface.

Visit the all new

WindSYS and OpenAFPM open source software tools

Facilitator: Thomas Pazios and Kostas Latoufis, RUERG-NTUA, Greece

Agenda: Thursday 6th of November (morning).


  • WindSYS – An open source software tool for modeling and designing wind electric systems with direct battery connection (modeling, experimental validation and tool demo). Read more here…



  • OpenAFPM – An open source software tool for modeling and designing AFPM generators in wind electric systems (modeling, experimental validation and tool demo) Read more here…


Wind resource assessment and design of off-grid electrification projects

Facilitator: Matteo Ranaboldo, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain

Agenda: Thursday 6th of November (afternoon)


Description: The aim of the session will be the training on the utilization of 2 complementary software packages: Openwind (micro‐scale wind resource assessment model) and OpenMicroGrid (model developed by the UPC for the design of off‐grid electrification projects). For this purpose the design of a real off‐grid community electrification project with wind and solar energy is carried out. A step‐by‐step procedure will be followed in order to show how to practically apply the two software.

Read more here… 


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