Software tutorial for wind resource assessment and design of off-grid electrification projects

Facilitator: Matteo Ranaboldo, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain

Agenda: Thursday 6th of November (afternoon)

The aim of the session will be the training on the utilization of 2 complementary software: Openwind (micro-scale wind resource assessment model) and OpenMicroGrid (model developed by the UPC for the design of off-grid electrification projects). For this purpose the design of a real off-grid community electrification project with wind and solar energy is carried out. A step-by-step procedure will be followed in order to show how to practically apply the 2 software. The training session will be composed by the following phases:

  1. Brief description of the whole design process. The input data available are: community energy and power demands (with users’ locations), anemometer data and electrical equipment data.
  2. Guided utilization of Openwind: an open-source software for wind resource mapping. Starting from anemometer and topographical data, the software is applied in order to obtain the wind resource map of an area.
  3. Guided utilization of OpenMicroGrid: a decision-aid model especially developed for supporting the promoter in the design process of electrification projects with renewable energy. Starting from wind resource map, solar data, community users’ demands and locations and electrical equipment data, the software is applied in order to obtain the project configuration (in terms of generators locations and microgrids definition) that minimize project cost.
  4. Analysis of the results obtained by the OpenMicroGrid model: a methodology is presented in order to analyze and compare various design configurations and to select the most appropriate to promoter experience and users requirements.
  5. Participants’ practice individually or in small groups on real cases.

Output of OpenWind:



Output of OpenMicrogrid:


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