Public Evening Lectures

Small wind turbines for rural electrification: why are we doing it?

Rural electrification with small wind turbines and the Wind Empowerment network, Jon Sumanik-Leary, The University of Sheffield and Engineers Without Borders UK and Aran Eales, V3 Power, UK

Distributed Energy for a Fair and Sustainable Distributed Economy and Society, Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation

Agenda: Thursday 6th, 19:00 – 21:30

Venue: MAX Amphitheater, Tositsa building (2nd floor), School of Architecture NTUA, Patision 42 – Athens.  See Google Map for location.

Distributed energy is but one of the material infrastructures that would enable a free citizenry that could collaborate in the production of needs and the co-construction of society, along with also many immaterial infrastructures and feeding mechanisms for the commons. In this talk, based on the experience with the Commons Transition Plan crafted for governmental institutions in Ecuador, we will present a vision of a future society that depends on distributed energy infrastructures and how to get there. Michel Bauwens was the research director of the transition project in Ecuador, is founder of the P2P Foundation and assisted with the launch of the ambitious faircoop initiative which will use commons-based cryptocurrencies to empower a global platform for open cooperatives.

Watch the recording of this session on

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