WG 2 – Market Assessment & Delivery Models

market assessment picture


Even more so than other technologies for rural electrification, wind turbines rely on certain conditions for successful implementation, for example: sufficient wind resource, a critical mass of community members requiring electricity, an adequate transport network to deliver spare parts and maintenance technicians, as well as many others. These factors should be considered in detail prior to implementing a wind turbine project to ensure successful implementation. The market assessment working group will discuss these issues, with an aim of devising a template for conducting market assessments for small wind turbines globally.

The issues mentioned above are encompassed within the concept of delivery models for small wind which can also be compared with a business model in a for-profit context. Choosing the correct delivery model for the local context is essential for long term sustainability of the project and has been the cause of failure of many groups in the past. In developing countries particularly, wind turbine projects are only successful if the technology is embedded within the community it is serving, with the social, technological and financial parameters all well thought through. Several different delivery models will be presented and a discussion facilitated about the merits of each.


  • Aran Eales, Market Assessment for Locally Manufactured Small Wind Turbines in Ethiopia (abstract)
  • Zoe Ben, Planned fieldwork for thesis on delivery models (abstract)
  • Jessica Rivas, Leveraging technology to electrify rural communities in Peru (abstract)
  • Andres Zappa, INTI’s activities for the development of the SWT industry in Argentina (abstract)
  • Piet  Willem Chevalier, Lessons learned of Mali project and future roadmap backed up by arguments why we make certain decisions (abstract)
  • Roland Vackenborg, How to encourage wind power in Tanzania: NGO or private company? (abstract)
  • Jon Sumanik-Leary, Market assessment for small scale wind turbines in Nicaragua (abstract)
  • Cheikh Mouhammed Fadel, Building small wind turbines in Senegal (abstract)
  • Elad Orian, Comet-ME: An Israeli-Palestinian Organisation (abstract)


  • Fernando Cembalo, Wind power rangers (abstract)


Aran Eales: aran.eales@btinternet.com

Zoe Ben: zoeben@hotmail.fr

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