INTI’s activities for the development of the SWT industry in Argentina

The following presentation corresponds to the INTIs intervention in the Small Wind technology development in Argentina. In 2010 INTI carried on a Small Wind Manufacturers survey in order to characterize these industrial sector. In these survey 16 manufacturers were visited, collecting information about types of equipment offered in the market, production capabilities, direct people employed in the activity, knowledge about the quantity of small wind turbines sold per year, and the economics related to it.

In order to organize future steps for support activities, the first Argentinean Small Wind Manufactures Meeting was held. In these meeting the necessity of a certification support program arose as crucial for quality improvement, the measurement procedure for Power Curve Test was defined and the methodology proposed in the international standard IEC 61400-12-1-h was adopted . This requirement lead to the setting up of a testing laboratory for Small Wind Turbines.

On the 28th June 2012 the INTIs Laboratory was inaugurated in the city of Cutral Co, Neuquén province in northern Patagonia. In the opening event a second Small Wind Manufactures Meeting took place, in these meeting 12 manufacturers accorded to test one model of small wind turbine in the testing facility accepting the publishing for the results obtained. During the second semester 2012 the first four small wind turbines were installed, and measurements started. By the end of 2012 a 3rd manufactures Meeting was held, in these occasion the first measurement results could be shared and the activity for a consumers information guide started to be developed. In 2013 the power curve test was finished for the first turbines, the reports were carried out according to the standard requirements and a public annex with a summary of results was published. The results can be accessed in the laboratories web page. In the first semester 2014 five new turbines have started to be measured.

Laboratory personnel participated in three SWAT meetings, one in 2011 in Texas, 2012 in Ithaca, USA, and one in 2013 in Soria, Spain. These meetings were of great support for job training and allowed the possibility of participating in inter laboratory activities with members other of these association.  Future capacity expansion for the laboratory are the development of the Acoustic Measurement Test, according to IEC61400-11. The equipment for the implementation of these test was received in the first semester 2014, and the measuring methodology is under study. Further tests will be established, according to IEC61400-2 for Safety and Functioning testing and Duration testing.

Further activities for the sectoral intervention support program are the publishing of a Consumers guide, and Installation Manual and a sector Web Page . These documents were developed and validated by the manufactures in a 4th sectoral meeting and will be made public by the end of 2014.

The objective for a further meeting is the approach to the Small Wind Installers sector. The documents listed above have the intention to be a first step for the development of a Maintenance Manual and training course.

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