Lessons learned of Mali project and future roadmap backed up by arguments why we make certain decisions

The oldest field project, Mali, has been struggling with the stability of the country for the last two years. This halted and slowed down the progress. It did however give us the time to internally re-organise, re-power and re-think our roadmap. We now plan to take the next step in December and like to present our decisions on coming actions that are based on the lessons learned of the past 5 years.

The youngest field project, Brasil, is in the “getting started” phase. Critical is getting the fresh volunteers to mature in a long-term commitment.

Parallel to that we are in discussion with corporates to get support in technical and financial aspects. We see a win-win situation here where the employees of corporates could also learn how to deal with multidisciplinary problems. We have a pilot project in the pipeline with Ramboell that are focusing on developing a wooden tower design with criteria: cheap, reliable, widespread available materials and easy to construct.



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